Give yourself peace of mind with 24/7 monitoring of your production

we collect data on temperature, humidity, air quality, various gases, wind speed and direction, worker actions and machine condition, and many more

Buy your new WiFi logger

Easy installation, simple setup and reliable functioning

Our loggers doesn't require complex installation steps and are ready for work right after the unboxing

Keep your data secure in our cloud

See what was the temperature in your storage even years ago. As long as you maintain an account on our cloud your logger can store an unlimited amount of telemetry data

Get alarms directly on your phone if anything goes wrong

Just setup the alarm conditions and you will get an alarm as soon as any of the monitored parameters is outside your predefined limits. Be informed, so you are able to react quickly and save your goods

WiFi Loggers

24/7 online monitoring your production


Graphical monitoring of data from wireless loggers.

Remote monitoring of your data in real time. Visualize the set upper and lower limits.
Daily, weekly and monthly history. Export data to Excel.
Each customer may sign up for an account on our cloud and start receiving alarms from the registered loggers, access the entire historical data for any of the registered devices.


Get email notification on any alarm condition

The e-mail message contains the name of the device, the name of the place of installation, the name of the company-owner, the type of alarm (upper or lower limit) and many more details about the current condition, that caused the alarm.


Our WiFi loggers are accessible from any WiFi device or from Internet if accessed via our cloud

No special application required. Only web browser.

A connected logger to a local network is also available with its IP address displayed on its screen

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